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Additive manufacturing impacts the mining industry in different aspects. 

Mines are most of the time in remote and high-risk locations that are not easily accessible and require multi-modal transportation to get to. 


Extending equipment lifespan

According to a Penn State study, some 20% of equipment is retired earlier than necessary due to inconvenient access to spare parts. With Ivaldi, operators and OEMs alike can ensure parts are always available by storing files, not parts.

For on-site production

Because mines are in remote locations, sourcing of replacement parts is difficult and the slightest broken part can create important downtimes.

By giving access to digital copies of spare parts to mines in remote locations, along with digital manufacturing equipment such as 3D printers, mines can be self-sufficient in terms of parts replacement, reducing downtime, transportation costs and environmental footprint of international shipping to remote locations.


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