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Whether you are looking for more specific information about an identified part, you want to understand how our analysis software can help you identify your savings potential, or you want to learn more about how to deploy a spare parts on-demand strategy, we are available to share experiences, demos and examples. 

Part categories promoted under Ivaldi Resources have all been identified, designed, manufactured and implemented through our ecosystems of partners and customers. We may already have the digital part you are looking for, or we can support you in making it available for on-demand manufacturing.

Our analytics software screens your inventory and procurement data and gives you insight into your potential to reduce costs, lead times and carbon footprint. Start with a free offline analysis to get better initial insights.

If you’ve already looked into your data and have a good understanding of how on-demand manufacturing can help your business, but want to discuss deployment strategies, reach out and we are happy to share our experiences and how we can help in the implementation process.

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