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Facility Maintenance

Repair Over Replace

Avoid costly replacements and minimize downtime by leveraging our digital inventory for facility maintenance. With Ivaldi, you can source previously unobtainable parts, enabling repairs instead of complete replacements. Our distributed manufacturing approach ensures that you can access the parts you need, when and where you need them, ensuring continuity and efficiency in your operations.

3D Manufacturing Printer

Enhance Safety & Efficiency

Elevate the safety and performance of your facilities by optimizing replacement spare parts through our distributed manufacturing solutions. Ivaldi enables you to not only replace parts but also enhance them, ensuring energy conservation and bolstering user safety. Our digital inventory allows for the seamless integration of improved, energy-efficient, and safety-compliant parts into your existing systems.

Customized Aesthetic Solutions

Seamlessly blend the old with the new by creating custom casings, finishes, hinges, covers, switches, couplers, and facade work through Ivaldi's distributed manufacturing. Our digital inventory allows you to design and implement parts that conceal unsightly areas, match existing architectural features, and facilitate the incorporation of modern equipment into older fitment systems, all while maintaining aesthetic and functional integrity.


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