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Save time, money, and carbon by sending files, not parts

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Digital Readiness

BEAM members get access to training, reports, and tools to achieve organizational readiness for on-demand manufacturing.

Extend Lifetimes

As a BEAM member, we help you adopt secure, on-demand access to digital versions of your parts, available anytime during the lifespan of your vessel, mine, or facility.

Incident Response

BEAM members gain access to an incident response team capable of replicating and producing spare parts when and where you need them.

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Join Our Exclusive Buyers Club

By pooling customer needs, BEAM enables volumetric savings for aftermarket parts without the up-front infrastructure costs. Pooling orders around selected parts enables local manufacturers to adopt cost-effective on-demand production models, so that carry costs, lead times and carbon footprints can be reduced.

Reshoring the Smart Way

Most companies order overseas parts that can be manufactured locally. BEAM members get access to tools and resources to enable more local production, in a way that meets cost, risk, and ESG targets.

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Easy Access to On-Demand Production

Our global manufacturing network of local producers is ready to support your needs whenever and wherever you are.

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