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Orden bajo demanda

Ivaldi ofrece soluciones de impresión 3D rápidas y flexibles. Realice su pedido en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar desde nuestra amplia biblioteca de piezas calificadas, o digitalice y certifique nuevos artículos en horas o semanas, según los requisitos de la categoría.

Ordenar ahora

Explore nuestra colección de piezas listas para imprimir, seleccione lo que necesita y realice su pedido.


¡Nosotros nos encargaremos del resto! Con nuestra amplia red de socios de fabricación, encontraremos el más cercano a su ubicación, lo que garantizará tiempos de envío más rápidos y costos más bajos.

Captura y captura Digitalizar

¿Sin archivo digital? ¡Ningún problema!Te ayudaremos a capturar datos utilizando métodos avanzados, transformando piezas físicas a formatos digitales. Nuestros expertos optimizarán y digitalizarán las piezas para una integración perfecta en los procesos de fabricación digital.

Adopte la eficiencia, la precisión y la innovación como nunca antes. Deje que Ivaldi Group lidere el camino para transformar sus activos físicos en un futuro digital. Descubra hoy el potencial de la fabricación digital con nuestro servicio de Captura y Digitalización.

"El enfoque del Grupo Ivaldi para la implementación de infraestructura bajo demanda no tiene paralelo. Su compromiso de ofrecer resultados rápidos y tangibles nos permite entregar a nuestros clientes de forma más rápida y eficiente que nunca".

Peter Mwanza
Responsable de proyectos ATZ

Actividades de relocalización en la cadena de suministro.

Mejores datos están provocando un resurgimiento de la relocalización, ya que puede reducir los riesgos y mejorar la eficiencia. A medida que las empresas adoptan iniciativas de transformación digital, la producción local ya no se considera un centro de costos operativos sino una forma de impulsar el crecimiento y minimizar el riesgo.


Preguntas más frecuentes

  • Why Ivaldi?
    OEMs and end users want to reduce inventory, reduce logistics, retain customers and increase margins while improving uptime, reducing total costs, reducing bureaucracy and being good corporate citizens. Ivaldi’s Turn-key solution provides parts optimized for printing, grey market data, total cost of ownership and usage data while providing data formatted for printing, technical parameters, risk parameters, production parameters, and global delivery/access.
  • What is 3D Printing?
    Three dimensional printing is an additive process that allows us to create a physical 3D object out of digital information provided by a software that divides a 3D model file into layers or images. The quality of the printed part will be determined by the printer technology, the printing software and the amount of layers or images needed. See for an introduction.
  • I don’t have access to 2D drawings, can Ivaldi still help me?
    Yes. Ivaldi is able to approximate costs and printability without drawings and also offers digitization services to build you a personalized digital warehouse on the go. We draw on our expertise in part specifications and usage to optimize designs for additive manufacturing.
  • Most of our spare parts require certification. Can Ivaldi help with that?
    Yes. Ivaldi has helped write the safety critical standards for AM parts in the maritime and offshore industries together with DNV and is actively working with partners and major players across heavy industry to revolutionize part certification by making it faster and better. Ivaldi is ISO9001:2015 compliant and through our partners has access to a wide range of industry compliant production chains, including [DNV 3.1 & 3.2 Certification, get list of certificates from Anna].
  • How do we build trust especially in conservative industries?
    We start off by proving the concept with low criticality parts or “low hanging fruit” . We try to build the foundation first to show how continued work will only increase ROI and open the door to new opportunities. Traditional manufacturing is trusted because there is so much data available and because we’ve been using it for so long. The only way to accurately compare AM is to shift the thinking to something innovative that will benefit everyone in other ways as well. We have spent time writing standards which are or will be published in the industries as a starting point for wide scale adoption. We are part of a number of joint industry projects to prove the benefits of on-demand manufacturing and digital distribution while including players across the ecosystem.
  • If we're technology agnostic, how do we choose the right technology in our analysis?
    Technologies are assessed based on a number of variables. We have spent the last 4 years building datasets specific to Am and other on-demand technologies which include process and machine limitations.
  • How does Ivaldi protect OEM and customer data and intellectual property?
    At Ivaldi, safeguarding your data and intellectual property (IP) is paramount. We employ stringent cybersecurity protocols and meticulously review each part for IP adherence. In collaboration with PIQL, we offer ultra-secure, offline, and immutable data storage, shielded from all online threats and housed in a vault resilient to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) exposures. Unlike typical digital trade networks, our data is not just cyber-secure but also physically secure, stored on microfilm in vaults designed to endure for over a millennium. It’s not enough to be a 13 year old with a laptop to access Ivaldi data. You literally have to sneak past three polar bears and a team of trained security guards before attempting physical penetration of our vaults. In short, we provide an unparalleled level of security and longevity for your valuable data.
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